Selecting a San Antonio-Area Roofing Company

While the Yellow Pages lists dozens of roofers in the greater San Antonio area, choosing one involves more than picking one and scheduling service. How will you know which roofer is right for you? Which one will offer the best price? Which one values quality? Which one will complete your project in a timely manner?

You'll need to interview several San Antonio roofing companies to get answers to these questions. In order to ask the right questions and find the right roofer for your needs, you'll need a thorough understanding of exactly what you want. For instance, are you more concerned about price, timeliness, or quality? Do you prefer a local roofer? Understanding your own priorities allows you to filter out roofing companies that aren't a good fit. This doesn't mean that the companies you don't choose aren't terrific, professional roofers; it simply means that their services and priorities didn't align with your needs and priorities.

After you understand what you want, schedule a minimum of three roofing companies in the San Antonio area for interviews. Ask probing questions that reveal the roofer's position on the areas that are important to you. Does the roofer share your concerns? Can the roofer fulfill your needs? Next, ask for references and ask about insurance coverage, warranties, completion times, and other important concerns.

Follow up by calling all references for each company you are considering. Doing so allows you to find out how the roofing contractor performed for past customers. Ideally, you should ask for references with similar roofing needs to yours.

As a local roofer with decades of experience, we have an extensive list of references. We appreciate the opportunity to bid on your project and will even come out to your site for a free consultation. Contact us today – we're confident that you'll like what we have to offer.