Gutters & Downspouts

gutterAs roofing experts, we at San Antonio Roofing do not recommend gutter cover systems that are integrated into the roofing system, whether it be merely tucked under the first course or nailed down to the decking under the shingles. We offer 2 products that we feel offer the protection from gutter clogging debris with out interfering with the roof system and possibly voiding your roofing manufacturer's material warranty.

Products We Offer:

E-Z Lock Gutter Screen

The "E-Z Lock" Gutter Screen system features built in spring action which locks the screen into place. This system available in both Standard or Small Hole (SH) Design. "E-Z Lock" is the original Heavy Duty Powder Coated Galvanized Steel Screen that for over 20 years has been the industry standard.

Screen is .028" thick Galvanized Expanded Steel.

Hole size is 3/8" X 1/4"Heavy-Duty exterior powder-coating finish.

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GutterCare with Xtremecap®    So Simple...So Effective...
Gutter Protection for your home or business


Best Gutter Protection, Period!
Here's why:

  • More economical than those 'capped' type products.

  • GutterCare is an exterior grade foam, not a sponge.

  • GutterCare was first in designing a foam that get's installed OVER the hangers and supports.

  • Guttercare was first in the exclusive dipping process for additional UV protection.

  • GutterCare was first to incorporate the innovative and effective 'WAVE' profile for more efficient water flow.

  • GutterCare is a higher grade foam then the competition with more porosity with a higher compression factor.

  • GutterCare is 92% air allowing water to pass through without restriction.

  • GutterCare can be installed without any special tools. Professional installation is available through our dealer network.

  • Guttercare will not cause icicles in the winter.

  • Product Cost Matrix

  • GutterCare Plus and GutterMedic warranty information

Historical Gutters & Downspouts

We offer all types & sizes of gutter installation including "Yankee" or "Built In" for Historical Restoration.

Historical Roof